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We provide services for smarter experiences with No RISK 30 Days Refund Policy (Registration Fee)

  • White Label PortalStarts From Rs9,999/-

         Own website( Brand Logo)

         Administration Privilege

         Unlimited Distributor / Retailer

         Android/SMS Based

         Credits/Debits to your Customer

    Margin & Details

  • Recharge APIStarts From Rs2,999/-

         Mobile Recharge API

         DTH Recharge API

         Within 10 sec fast recharge

         Post-paid Recharge API

         HTTP API

         24x7 Balance Load

    Margin & Details

  • Distributor/ Super DistributorStarts From Rs2,999/-

         Create Unlimited Distributor / Retailer

         Recharge / MoneyTransfer / PAN Card Service for Dirtibute

         Android/SMS for Recahrge

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  • Retailer PortalStarts from Rs299/-

         24x7 Any Prepaid recharge

         24x7 Any DTH recharge

         24x7 Any Post-paid

         24x7 Money Transfer

         Within 10 sec fast recharge

         Get 3% commission for all Prepaid and DTH



    Details & Payment

No RISK 30 Days Refund Policy (Registration Fee)[UPDATE as 01/10/2017]

Our priority is to offer you world class services. We understand that to run a successful business, customer satisfaction is must. So, we at Backnpay Services always keep on efforts to provide our customers a hassle free and convenient platform to recharge mobiles and pay bills. We believe in providing quality services to our customers. But if anyhow, you face any issue, we feel apologized and serve you with the Cancellation and refund policy.

i)  Refund Policy applicable on WHITE LABEL CHANNEL PARTNER, WHITE LABEL SUPER DISTRIBUTOR, SUPER DISTRIBUTOR, DISTRIBUTOR and API user's only purchase after 1/10/17. Any other products of BACKNPAY SERVCES are not under Refund Policy.

ii)    Payment Mood INSTALLMENT is not supported under Refund Policy. Users have to pay all charge in advanced mood.

iii)  Refund Request not applicable after 30 days. Dates start from purchase date. Users have to submit refund request within 30days.

iv)   Backnpay Services will refund 100% of registration amount if requested within 30days. Wallet balance will not refund to user, users have to use it. We will provide that time to use.

v)  We made refund of only registered user bank ac or company named bank ac. Any other bank ac for take refund amount is not applicable. Bank details once submitted will not change or update.


Minimum Balance Maintain:

Minimum Balance has to maintain all kind of users and their down line also.

i)                   White Label Channel Partner : Rs500/-

ii)                 White Label Super Distributor : Rs300/-

iii)               Super Distributor : Rs100/-

iv)               Distributor: Rs50/-

v)                 Retailer / Agent: Rs20/-

vi)               Retailer / Agent(With Money Transfer): Rs100/-

vii)            API: Rs100/-